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Civil Engineering Training Program (AUTOCAD Training)

In Civil Engineering we provide training on Autocad, Revit & Stadd pro. This software learning helps civil engineers to get more out of designing. Our Training Module is fully job oriented. Civil Structure is getting updated every point of the day. So the training programs should be well updated too. So during our training programs, we provide an Educational Site Visits. Which helps the students to understand the real working aspect of their learning.

Software Training is not only confined in a computer lab but also the designed structures are monitored and practically verified. The task is based on the real Civil structures. Civil Engineering is considered to be a practical implementation of design by not only focusing on designs but also on the safety side of the design. So we at Vision World Tech provides training by taking consideration of every aspect of teaching.

Mechanical Engineering Training Program

Designing is the keen part of working in the mechanical field, So of the same, we designed course modules which focus on practical learning. Our Mechanical Course Module is fully practical and Job Oriented. From day one, our

focus is overall practical development in the trainee practical approach. AUTOCAD is the core software for designing which is getting popular day by day. Our commitment is to convert the trainee into a working engineer. Which is reflected by our training program. During our Training Program, we provide an Industrial Visit to the trainee for a better understanding of Industrial Requirements, which bridge the gap between Industry and Education.

We are also providing Jobs in these categories, as we are having a separate team for Industrial Solutions. Under that our INdustrial Experts provide Solution for Machinery Automation and many other tasks. This team of Engineers helps the training department to make changes in the Training Course and Curriculum as per the Industrial requirements.

Course Module
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