Industrial Automation

Motor & Drive Course

Motor & Drive

Motors are playing an essential role in today’s Industrial Era. All the motions in Machinery are controlled with the help of Motors. So working with motors is one such huge topics covered under our training program. Our Training Program comprises of controlling the speed, rpm, power factor etc.

Drive Panel
Drive Panel


  • Definition
  • Technical specification 
  • Different type of motors
  • Working of AC & DC motors
  • Application of different type of motors
  • Hall effect & Its Applications
  • Starting Solutions
  • Designing of PCD & CCD diagram
  • (Direct online) DOL
  • (Reverse direct online) RDOL
  • Star-delta starting circuit
  • Autotransformer starter
  • Different type protections

Variable Frequency Drive

Drives are named as VFD in the Industrial Sector. Drives are considered as the backbone for motion controlling systems. As drives are not only controlling the motor functionalities but also maintain the power factor of the system.

  • What is of drive
  • Application of drive
  • Type of drive
  • Different type parameters of the drive
  • Basic parameters
  • Monitoring parameters
  • Display parameters
  • Advanced parameters
  • Sinking & Sourcing concepts
  • VFD panel design
  • Wiring connection of the drive
  • Troubleshooting of VFD
  • Vendors of VFD
  • Different type of practice with the motor by using different parameters
  • PLC-DRIVE-SCADA communication

As we have discussed the topic of M&D these can be controlled manually with the system or by Automation (PLC SCADA). In our training program, we cover both manual and Automized way of controlling them.  Our training program is fully practica and taught by Industrial Experts.

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