Industrial Automation

PLC SCADA Training at Jaipur

Training in the field of PLC SCADA training at Jaipur is provided by Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd.

Jaipur city which is popular with the name of Pink City. But now Jaipur is not only confined to the boundaries of culture and art. Jaipur is now becoming the smart city. Many different areas of Industries has developed in the Jaipur City.  With this advancement in technology, PLC, and SCADA is also getting their grip.

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller which is the brain of Industrial Automation and SC

Automation Lab at Vision World Tech
Automation Lab at Vision World Tech

ADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition which help in remote monitoring the whole system.

Vision World Tech provide training of different brands of PLC. Our training program is not only for Industrial experts but also for the Engineering Students. We have developed different types of PLC SCADA Course modules which are divided as

  • Foundation PLC SCADA Training Course
  • Intermediate PLC SCADA Training Course
  • Expert PLC SCADA Training Course

Our training program is purely practical with hand on kits for the trainee.  PLC SCADA Training is becoming essential for engineers nowadays. So for that purpose, we are also providing training in Industries as well as in colleges.

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