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Solar Training Program at Jaipur

Solar Training at Jaipur is one of the initiatives of Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd Jaipur. We are providing a Solar Training program for Engineers, Diploma, ITI and Technical Background students.

solar training program at jaipur
The Solar Training Program at Jaipur

Solar is becoming the new technology which is replacing the regular power source systems., and this is not only applicable for industrial purposes or large solar setups but also the regular household usage. Many initiatives of Indian Government is also helping this cause for both customers and business executives. Indian Government initiated many Skill Development programs for learning the Solar Technology.

One of the initiatives of government is Surya Mitra Program which is purely focusing on Solar Installation. It is a unique program for Diploma and ITI holder under which students get 100% scholarship for learning Solar Installation.

Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd is also providing solar training program with collaboration with Indian Government. Before going towards the training program, we will discuss the career and jobs in Solar Training or we can say what are the career choices in Solar Program.

  • Installation Technician for Diploma and ITI Solar Training.
  • Maintenance of Solar Setup.
  • Engineers for B.Tech or Diploma Students.
  • Management of Solar Setup.

So there are many different options for a training program which can be selected by Diploma, ITI or Engineers.

Solar Training Program is for the following streams.

  • Engineers.
  • Diploma.
  • ITI.
  • Technical Background.

You can check our Training program course and curriculum Solar Training Program Syllabus


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