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Summer Training Program at Jaipur

Technical Training Programs/Summer Training Program are the ways to get the experience of Industrial Learning. As we all know the pace by which new technologies are coming into existence. So, it is widely a requirement for Training Centres to provide training on new technologies. Cities like Bangalore, Pune are called as Silicon Valley of India. So, having technological training centres in these cities are common.

So, with the same concepts and ideas Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd set up a training centre at Jaipur Rajasthan. As under RTU (Rajasthan Technical University), there is a 60days/90days training program(as per university requirement) compulsory for Engineer in every field which is also named as Summer Training Program or Summer Internship Program.

Summer Training Program / Summer Internship Program

Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd provides training in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, CS & Civil. For

Out training programs are 100% practical as our way of teaching is straight forward which states every concept is an experience. Experiencing is not theoretical, Experience can only be understood practically.

Our approach towards Summer Training Programs is reflected by our Laboratories as we have tried our very best to create an Industrial Environment for bridging the gap between Industries and Training Centre.

We have separate Labs for each sector. For Industrial Automation we have two labs labelled as Automation Lab I and Automation Lab II. Which is having a setup of PLC, SCADA, Motor & Drive based Systems. For Solar Training, we have Solar Lab with all the necessary Equipment’s.

Similarly, for Electronics we have Research and Development Lab and Robotics Lab. With the setup of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR Microcontrollers & many more.

Same for Civil and Mechanical a sperate lab for all operations.

Our company Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd takes these Summer Training Program on a serious level as during these Internships weekly reviews and periodic practical tests are taken by Industrial Experts(A separate division of engineer which works on Industrial Machineries ).

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