Services offered by Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd for  AC VFD Drive

Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd Jaipur Rajasthan provides services for AC VFD Drive Service & Installation. We have a separate division for designing the VFD systems. Our service related to AC VFD DRIVE working are: 

  1. AC VFD Installation.
  2. AC VFD Maintenance.
  3. Multiple VFD Synchronization.
  4. Plant Automation using AC VFD.
  5. Repair & Maintenance of VFD Systems.
  6. VFD Panel Design.
  7. AC VFD Service & Installation.

We provide all kinds of  SERVICES for the following Drive Systems ( INVT, DELTA Drives, Mitsubishi Drives, ABB Drives, DANFOSS Drives, FUJI Drives, FATEK Drives, L&T Drives). Full Programming and Development support is available. 


What is VFD?

VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive, helps in controlling the motion of Electrical AC Motors/DC Motors. The main concept by which VFD performs is by varying the frequency and voltage. VFD has a long history of handling the high-end Automation systems due to which it had different names Adjustable Speed Drive, AC Drive, Adjustable Frequency Drive, and Inverters.

Why AC VFD’s are used?

  1. It reduces the power consumption of the whole system.
  2. Maintaining the Power Factor.
  3. Cost reduction as powers is used as per the application requirement.
  4. VFD’s are programmable systems so production can be increased with the proper process control mechanisms.
  5. Power management of the whole electrical system is managed by VFD so, the maintenance cost has reduced and Equipment life is also extended.

AC VFD Drive Applications

In the field of Automation, motion is what it takes to run the whole system, & in the Industrial world, motion is achieved with the help of Motors & VFD Drives. So, applications of VFD’s are many. But most common applications are:

  •  Conveyor Motion.
  •  Machine Automation.
  •  Robotic Hand.
  •  Press Machines.

& many more.

Top Companies Designing VFD Systems.

  •  Rockwell Automation
  •  Siemens
  •  Delta
  •  Fuji
  •  Fanuc
  •  L&T Drives