Piezometer with Digital Water Level Recrder

What is Piezometer?

Piezometer is the device used to measure the pressure of fluids within soil, rock, or also some other porous materials. Piezometer converts water pressure to electrical frequencies via signal wire.

Piezometer and DWLR
Piezometers: An Essential Tool

As per the diagram you can see Piezometer is a Steel Cylinder which is water proof.

What is DWLR?

DWLR stands for Digital Water Level Recorder. As the name signifies this is a device which stores the digital data of water. Because DWLR is connected with Piezometer and the Electrical Output of Piezometer is converted into Digital Values using DWLR.
Most of the time DWLR comes with Data Storing capacity like a SD Card storage. DWLR can give RS485 OUTPUT. For more specification about DWLR Visit.

Piezometer with Digital Water Level Recorder

As we have already known that piezometer give electrical frequency and DWLR converts those frequency into digital value. Because this tool combines traditional pressure measurement with modern digital technology to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and convenience of monitoring real-time data on groundwater levels and enhance
the ability to manage and understand subsurface water dynamics. Also, this integration is worth a lot in geotechnical engineering, hydrology, construction, and environmental management.

Piezometer with DWLR
How It Works?
  • Installation: Firstly, install the tool in a borehole drilled into the ground. Also, the type and depth of installation must depend on the specific application and site conditions.
  • Data Collection: DWLR consistently collects data from the meter. Because sensors measure the water pressure or level, Afterword this is delivered and logged by the data logger.
  • Monitoring: The communication module transmits the collected data to a central monitoring system, where it can be accessed and analyzed remotely in real-time.
Benefits of Piezometers with Digital Water Level Recorders

1. High Accuracy- There digital sensors offer precise and reliable measurements, minimizing human error.

2. Constantly Monitoring- Provides real-time data on groundwater levels and pore water pressures, essential for dynamic environments.

3. Automated Data Collection- reduces the need for manual readings, so saving time and labor costs

4. Remote Access- Data can be accessed from any location, facilitating during real-time monitoring of decision-making from any location and response.

5. Alert and Notification Systems- As shown above this can be set up to send notifications or alarms if water levels or pressures exceed predefined thresholds, also allowing for prompt intervention.


⦁ Environmental Monitoring

⦁ Construction Projects

⦁ Dam and Reservoir Monitoring

⦁ Mining Operations

⦁ Agricultural Management

 The Importance of Piezometer Equipment

As we know whole world is facing a shortage of natural resources due to excess and irregular consumption, so the Government is taking step forward to preserve the same. There is an excessive usage of water by the industrial premises. To control the wastage and have an accurate record of consumed water, the Ministry of Jal Shakti formed the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) under Environmental Protection.
So CGWA has made some Rules and Regulations for Industries to Install Piezometer with DWLR for regular monitoring of Ground Water Level.


A piezometer with a digital water level recorder provides a significant advancement in-ground water monitoring by combining traditional measurement techniques with modern digital technology. This integration delivers continuous, accurate, remote monitoring capabilities, and environmental compliance of projects across various sectors. They are essential tools in a wide range of engineering and environmental applications and project managers can also achieve superior water management outcomes, ensuring project success and sustainability.

If you find this too complicated to do yourself, Contact our experts to get a system in place. And they will help you set up your system efficiently and quickly.