Piezometer and DWLR

Application: Piezometer is mainly used for measuring the Level of Ground Water level of Bore well & Rivers.

Technical Data:

OUTPUT 4-20mA or Customization
Maximum Range Up to 400 meters
Applicable Media Liquid
Accuracy +0.5%FS
Housing Material SS
Cable Material PTFE
Power Supply 12v DC
Temperature -20 to 85’C
Hanging Wall Mounted
Storage Upto 32 GB
Online Storage Cloud-based Storage

The piezometer measures the groundwater level and DWLR records the data. Data can be displayed through a memory card or USB pen drive. we can also display the data on our PC or Mobile through GSM. It is mainly used for measuring the water level of bore wells & rivers.

Features :

  1. Waterproof stainless steel sensor.
  2. Compact size, Easy to install & easy to Transport.
  3. No maintenance is required.
  4. Pressure Transducer not affected by Wind or Rain.
  5. Monitor the Level of groundwater and rivers.
  6. 4-20mA current output.
  7. Display the data on screen & also store it in excel format.
  8. High accuracy, reliability & Precise.
  9. Rust-proof, corrosion-resistant.
  10. Shielded wire.

Guidelines for CCGWA-based Piezometer and DWLR.

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