Telemetry System

Telemetry System

What is Telemetry System? 

The word Telemetry is derived from Greek words where Tele and Meter means “remote” and “measure” respectively. Because a telemetry system is equipment that helps to collect the data from a Sensor or other methods and send that data to Servers masterarbeit schreiben lassen.

Telemetry Systems are mostly wireless systems because they are installed in remote places where it’s hard to collect the data and so on.

But it can also be understood as a hardware system that is connected with Sensors ( Digital and Analog) along with a data transmission Unit. And a telemetry system usually throws the data to servers so, there must be a Software system that represents that whole data to a user or others. 


Landline based Telemetry System
Radio Frequency Telemetry System


Block Diagram for Telemetry System

This is the general Diagram for understanding the System. The Block Diagram ghostwriter consists of three sections:

  1. Transmitting.
  2. Telemetry Link.
  3. Receiving Station.

Transmitting: It consists of all the Input Units which comprises Sensors (Flow Meter, Level Sensors and Proximity Sensors, etc), Transducers.

Telemetry Link: All the data received might be in the form of Pulse, Current, or Voltage process in this stage. So we can understand this as a converter reason where signal converts into the Machine Code. 

Because all the converted signal is sent to the dedicated location by the mean of Wire(Landline Based) or Wireless Systems(Radio Frequency Based). 

Receiving Station: Because this is the receiving end where all the data gets received and processed. So in this region, the user can check the data and can monitor.

Video on Telemetry System


This System have plenty of applications and usage. So, we are mentioning some most popular applications:

  1. Transportation
  2. Agriculture
  3. Industries
  4. Medical
  5. Road Safety.
  6. Military & defense.

& many more…

We at Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd are providing CGWA based Telemetry System for Monitoring Ground Water and levels.

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