“What we experience, we reflect in our lifetime” and good experience comes from good experiments”

Engineering is more about real experiments rather than theory and to bridge the gap between real industrial work and pedagogy, we have started a Summer Internship Program or Summer Training Program. For 10 years we are contributing our best in the branch of proficiency. We at Vision World Tech believe in realistic learning experiences and hence, with the thought of cultivating an incredible experimental environment and practical learning atmosphere, we have created a High Nurtured Lab of Industrial Automation, Robotics, and Embedded System for better wisdom.



Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd provides Internship/Training in the field of Electrical, Electronics, CS (computer science) & Mechanical.

  • Electrical we have Industrial Automation and Solar Training Programs for engineers.
  • Electronics we have an Embedded system, IoT & Robotics Training Program.
  • Mechanical we have Mechatronics.
  • CS we have software Training Programs.
Practical Classes at Vision World Tech
“Our Training Programs are 100% practical. We believe in inculcating skills through experiences and for experiences practical strategy is a must”

Our approach towards Summer Internship Program is examined by our Labs. We have created an industrial environment for bridging the gap between Industries and Training centres.

For better discovering and good understandings, we have created separate labs for each sector. For Industrial Automation, we have Automation labs which are having a set up of PLC , SCADA, Motor & Drive based systems. For solar training, we have a solar lab with all the necessary equipment.

Furthermore, for electronics we a have Research and Development lab and a Robotics lab, with the set up of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR Microcontroller & many more.

Our company Vision World Tech Pvt Ltd takes these Summer Training Program on a serious level as, during these internships, weekly reviews and periodic practice tests are taken by Industrial experts( A separate division of engineer which works on Industrial Machineries)

“Better tomorrow begins here, with better experience”


Vision World Tech