Smart Helmet Engineering Project

Why is it important to implement technology like Smart Helmet Engineering Project? 

According to WHO helmets create an additional layer for the head and thus, protects the wearer from consequential brain injuries, trauma, or mental risk. It safeguards the wearer by reducing the impact of the outer force or collision to the head. Many people around the world die in motorcycle collisions. So, Smart Helmet Engineering Project is one such solution.


How many deaths are caused by not wearing a helmet?

‘Head injuries are the leading cause of death and disability.’

Globally, every year around 1.2 million people die in motorcycle collisions or road crashes, or millions are injured or disabled. In India, the number is not so less. According to the Road Accidents in India 2018 report released by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) as many as 43,614 persons including riders and pillion riders of motorized two-wheelers were killed in road accidents as they were not wearing helmets. All of these are registered data and if will go beyond that, then numbers have no end. Although the govt. made it mandatory for both riders and pillion riders. Still, people have a variety of excuses, and sometimes it is a genuine cause of forgetfulness. But accidents never consider any of the reasons for mishappening.

Smart Helmet Engineering Project

what injuries do helmets can prevent?

  •  Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of brain injuries and traumatic disorders.
  •  Helmets protect the head, also reduce the risk of death by 37 percent and the risk of head injury by 69 percent.
  •  It reduces the risk of disabilities, as head injuries are the leading cause of disabilities.
  •  It protects the person from neck injuries which may turn into serious back problems and disabilities.
  •  It reduces the risk of complete and partial paralysis by creating an external protection layer for the skull and brain.
  •  Brain injuries may result in memory or concentration problems, loss of consciousness, dilation of one or both pupils of the eyes.                          

Engineering Design Prototype for Smart Helmet

Design Idea

  • A sensor is connected with the Helmet, which when triggered gives input to the controller.
  • An MQ3 Sensor is also connected in the front area of the Helmet which also provides a signal to the microcontroller.
  • Controller Activates the Supply wire to the connecting Batteries in Bike.        


The smart helmet is a great idea for all, it can be a substantial solution for all the accidental mishappenings in the world. Our engineering students have designed this under the guidance of our maestro engineers and professional trainers.

Components Required:

  • Arduino Uno = 1
  • Buzzer (12 volt) = 1
  • Gas Sensor (MQ-4) = 1
  • Button / Limit Switch = 2
  • Resistance (10k and 470 ohm) = 1 each

*Power Supply must be 12 Volt and Step Down to 5 Volts for Microcontroller Power*

"Sometimes we forget to wear helmets, but the results can be hard to forget."

The smart helmet is designed in such an ideal way that it will never allow us to forget helmets. We have inserted some useful sensors in smart helmets that will never allow a rider to drive a bike without a helmet. If the driver is drunk then also the bike will not start. Like its name, the working is also very adept. It will not permit a rider to start the bike unless the rider will not take safety precautions by wearing a helmet. As it is appearing in the video, the rider has already inserted the key. Still, the bike is not starting. Although, just after wearing the helmet, the bike automatically starts. Similarly, just after removing the helmet, the bike will automatically stop so, the smart helmet is a smart invention by our professional trainers and students.

 If the govt. can make this mandatory for all the bike manufacturing companies to attach a smart helmet with the bike then, we may reduce the risk of accidental side effects. Or, we can also take this required step for us. Why? Every time, only the govt should take some favorable steps for our coming future? Why we cant? So, if you feel forgetfulness is the cause of not wearing a helmet, you can think about this solution.  Being a smart city, we can adopt this solution. And, we can offer a smart helmet solution for the rising rate of accidents.  


"Smart countries need, smart solutions."

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