CGWA Guidelines for Flow Meter and Telemetry System

The increasingly stressed global water resources have made it necessary to manage groundwater effectively. As a result, various countries have come up with comprehensive frameworks to govern and control exploitation and utilization of groundwater. The Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) has been actively involved in such endeavors in India. So, This blog explores the guidelines formed by CGWA based flow meter and telemetry for Ground Water Monitoring.

Know Your Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA)

Constitution of the CGWA: It was created in 1976 by amending the Environment (Protection) Act and is a statutory body under Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation constituted for the purpose of regulation and control of ground water development and management in India. One of its primary responsibilities is to promote sustainable development and management of groundwater resources, preventing their over-exploitation as well as contamination.

Flow Meter Specification :

Telemetry Specification :

Software Specification

Installation of Flow Meter on Borewell –

Conclusion :

The regulations of the CGWA Guidelines for Flow Meter and Telemetry System provide a well-structured framework for the sustainable regulation of groundwater resources in India. The CGWA is tasked with the responsibility of regulating and controlling groundwater extraction across India, promoting conservation of water resources to prevent exploitation. It is essential for all interest groups — from the industry users to farmers and urban planners, — to comply with these norms in order continue using this life-saving resource sustainably over long periods of time.

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