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Before Understanding the concept of VFD Synchronization we need to understand !!  What is VFD?

VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive. The main area of application is the Textile based Industry, Marble Industry,  Press Machines, and many more.

As the area of application is very vast in the Industrial VFD System. So there are many different brands that are providing VFD Systems

  1. Allen Bradley
  2. Siemens
  3. Mitsubishi
  4. OMRON
  5. L&T
  6. Fuji

VFD Synchronization

In this blog, we will demonstrate a synchronization application between two motors.

Hardware Requirement:

  1.  Two VFD Systems (L&T CX2000, FRNIC MINI FUJI)
  2. Three potentiometers 
  3. Two Selector switches.
  4. Two Motors 

The potentiometer is for controlling the speed of Motors & Selector switch will control the Start, Stop & Direction of the motors.

Both the VFD will be controlled by a single Potentiometer i.e., Master Pot. An individual Potentiometer for Each Drive is also available if we need to control the speed of a specific VFD. 

This System will help us to get the following operations :

  • Motor Speed with Single Potentiometer
  • Frequency fixed for individual motors
  • Change the direction of the Motor Using the Selector switch. 

Application of VFD Synchronization :

  • Multiple Machines with Singl Control Panel.
  • Two Control Panel with Single VFD.

Wiring Diagram : 

Wiring Diagram for VFD Synchronization Click here

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