1.Basics Electronics components LED, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Relay, Switch, Diode, Zener Diode, Buzzer, LDR, Potentiometer, Photo Diode, IR , REED SWITCH, L293D, PIR, Different type of Operational Amplifier, DTMF IC, Decoder HT12D, Encoder HT12E, Crystal oscillator, ULN2003,TIP 31, TSOP ,Different Type of DC motor etc..

2.Testing on Breadboard- How to glow LED without program, LED with switch, LED with two switch, Use of capacitor in circuit, Testing of Relay, How to operate AC with help of DC, Testing of Transistor(PNP and NPN), How to make Logic Gate with help of Transistor, 555 timer, Lm324 IC, Make a project with help of LDR, Make a project with help of transistor and capacitor

3.Basics of Embedded system- What is Embedded, Why we used Embedded system, Application of Embedded system, What is Microcontroller, Why we use Microcontroller, What is Microprocessor, What is difference between Microcontroller and Microprocessor, Future scope of Embedded system, Jobs in Embedded fields

4.Detailed Review of C & Embedded C – Basics of C, Decision control in C, Function, Pointers, Array, preprocessor, Difference between C & Embedded C , System programming V/s Application programming, Review of C language with Embedded perspective. Bitwise operators.

5.Introduction of Arduino –Basics introduction of Arduino, Architecture of Arduino, I/O ports of Arduino, Introduction of Arduino IDE, Features of Arduino IDE, Development tools, Led programming.

6.Display Interfacing – Seven Segment Display (What is seven segment display ?, types of Seven segment display ?, Interfacing with seven segment display ), LCD ( LCD pin description, Interfacing of LCD with Arduino, Programming of LCD)

7.Serial Communication – RS232 protocol, Setting the serial port mode, setting the serial port baud rate, Writing to the serial port, Reading from a serial port.

8.Wireless Communication – GSM (Global System for mobile communication ) Introduction to GSM, GSM Interfacing with Arduino, Bluetooth (SIG group) Introduction to Bluetooth, Interfacing Bluetooth with Arduino , RFID (Radio frequency identification ), Basics of RFID Technology, Interfacing RFID with Arduino .

9.Analog Communication – Accelerometers, working procedure of Accelerometers, Interfacings with Arduino , Light Sensor , Light Sensor, interfacing with Arduino, Real-time project on light sensor, Sound sensor interfacing with Arduino, Analog Temperature sensor,

10.Digital Communication – Ultrasonic sensor interfacing with Arduino, PIR sensor interfacing with Arduino, IR sensor interfacing with Arduino , Motor, Types of motor, L293D motor driver introduction , DC motor interfacing with Arduino , Stepper motor interfacing with Arduino , Servo motor interfacing with Arduino.

11.PWM communication with Arduino- Introduction to PWM, DC motor control using PWM signals

12. Hands on interfacing all types of Sensors and Wireless communication modules